Why is Preventive Maintenance Important?

Performing preventive maintenance will help extend the life of your equipment and increase member loyalty with your equipment clean and safe! Maintenance should always be performed by a trained or experienced service technician! Results will help lower costly repairs & liabilities (such as injuries & equipment damage) to any gym, apartment & condominiums, personal training studios, or home!

How many times & what should be done?

Weekly PM: Should be done by every facility. It should be done by Pristine Fitness if it’s a very large or widely used gym. Pristine Fitness believes that smaller facilities can be trained to use a check list provided for certain duties. Small duties like checking I-pod cords, T.V Functionality, wiping touch screens, handrail stability, and unit levelness will show customers the proper care maintenance. It will achieve your staff to be more educated on your equipment as well. Pristine Fitness would provide the knowledge to client and even come to your facility to show staff how to do it once a year free of charge!

Monthly PM: Pristine Fitness encourages all commercial gyms to a monthly maintenance schedule. This ensures all connecting hardware from loosening; the electrical components to be vacuumed regularly. Stopping treadmills from shutting down, or slipping by surveying amperage draws more frequently! Limiting the risk of injury to a client or member! Cleaning moving items like elliptical wheels, treadmill motors & rollers, bike generators & alternators, and rollers. Inspecting the drive belts and lower electronics on all units.

Quarterly P.M: Pristine Fitness finds this most suitable for average size apartments & condominiums. During the maintenance duties such as amp draw inspection & belt tensioning for all treadmills so they do not cut the power on a user and create an injury. running belts tension, checking I-pod cords, T.V Functionality, wiping touch screens with micro-fiber towels, handrail & unit stability would be checked. The technician will also inspect & clean drive belts, ramps, wheels and blow out any electronics & fans. Lubricating all necessary chains, bearings, and pivot points that require it. Pristine Fitness will inspect all excessive wear items like drive motors, generators, alternators, front & rear rollers. Vacuum under and around the units being worked on.

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